The first nine weeks of school each fall is spent working on an immersion topic.  In the past we have covered topics such as transportation, time lines, architecture, climate change, and world cultures.  This year our immersion is titled simply “Shop & Home Ec”!  We feel like it is a perfect tie-in to the classic Montessori preschool focus of “Practical Life Skills”.

This theme has generated some very active projects.  Students are hammering, sawing, nailing, measuring, and gluing to build bookends, birdhouses, minimalist chairs,a giant outdoor Connect Four set, and even a Corn Hole game for our newly refreshed backyard! Each homeroom has taken on specific projects, and spends their morning work time, and some late afternoons, learning how to build things.

Soon students will move on to sewing, learning basting, mending, and even some fashion designing.  Cooking will happen at the end of this immersion, with a focus on meal preparation, following recipes, and learning how to measure in the kitchen.

Check out our recent photos, here and on our Facebook page, to see what the students are building!”