We’re back from break, and the students are intrepidly enjoying the snow even amidst frigid temperatures. First semester draws to a close this week, with parent-teacher conferences this Friday.

In art class, students have been re-purposing and transforming a variety of found objects into marvelous new creations.

In science, students have used wood blocks of many different shapes and sizes to explore the foundations of engineering. Others have learned about biology, botany, chemistry, and ecology through the lens of the carbon cycle.

In math the younger students are exploring geometric solids using hands-on shapes and Venn diagrams, while the older students explore the formulas for finding surface area and volumes of those shapes. One algebra student looked at the cross section of a cone and saw its shape was a parabola. She is working on graphing parabolas now.

Reading Roomers are doing a literature focus for our morning work. They are currently reading The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, by Nancy Farmer. It is a science fiction book, set in Zimbabwe in 2149!

We have wrapped up the projects from our first nine week’s immersion theme, home-economics/shop class. Students built bookends, chairs, aprons, boot shelves, balance boards, and an XL connect four game, among other things. It was a huge success which will be hard to top next year.

Theatre season is ramping up, which means the older students will be going to IRT to see several of their consistently excellent productions. More importantly, it means preparations will be getting underway for the end spectacular put together annually by Mrs. Louden (play director) and Mr. Jamey (music director). They always deliver something amazing. We’ll also be getting projects for science fair started in the upcoming weeks. It will be scheduled for the latter half of April.

Lots of exciting things to look forward to in semester two. It always flies by in the blink of an eye.