Our summer program begins on June 12 this year. Camp activities: 9:00a.m. until 4:00p.m. Extended Hours: 7:00a.m. until 5:45p.m.

Preschool Ages 3-4

The Summer Camp preschool offers some of the same Montessori experiences as are offered during the school year, but it is a more relaxed “camp” environment. Preschoolers will follow and explore the same weekly themes as the older campers, but they are scaled down and adjusted for a preschooler’s temperament and abilities.

These younger children join older campers for many camp projects and field trips, swimming and picnics.

Preschool Camp is limited to 10 preschool age campers.

Summer Camp Ages 5—12

The Children’s House Day Camp provides weekly themed activities in a relaxing environment free of competition. Day Camp activities include art, drama, games, recreational swimming, field trips and many outdoor activities. Campers may also participate in the library’s summer reading program.

Day Camp is limited to 25 campers.

Some of Our 2017 Themed Weeks

Session I

6/12-6/16: Footprints and Flight
We’ve combined the best of two of our most popular camp weeks! Campers will explore animal tracks while studying the indigenous birds of Indiana.

6/19-6/23: The Environment
We will engage in activities to elevate our environmental consciousness. We will explore public transport, reusing and recycling, and perform clean-up activities.

6/26-6/30: Playground Connoisseur
This was a big hit last summer! Campers will have the city and surrounding area playgrounds to explore. We will compare and contrast, review and report, and rank the best and the worst places a kid in our city can play.

7/3-7/7 : Musical Movements
Campers will learn about styles of music. They will play guitars, drums, xylophones, and keyboards, creating their own songs. We will wrap up the week with a group performance.

7/10-7/14: Water in Our World
We will discover how vital water is to our lives. We will examine the lives of animals that live in water. There will be experiments with water, and we’ll learn about the importance and scarcity of clean water. And of course we will visit several bodies of water in this city, including reservoirs, the river, and canals.

Session II

7/17-7/21 : Playground Connoisseur: Round 2
Campers will explore city playgrounds, and playgrounds in surrounding areas. We will be comparing, contrasting, reviewing and reporting. At the end, campers will rate the best and worst playgrounds to play on.

7/24-7/28 : Get Your Game On
A perennial favorite! Campers will learn a wide variety of different games, including card games, dice games, board games and video games during this gaming extravaganza!

7/31-8/4 : Hoosier History
We peer into Indiana’s past this week. We will explore important events and notable people from our state’s history, from Eugene Debs to Larry Bird. We’ll discover important contributions Indiana has made to the nation, and we will visit the Indiana State Museum, along with some other historic sites aroundthe city.

8/7-8/11: The Art of Junk
Campers will re-purpose trash and recycling items to create a variety of truly original art projects, including musical instruments!

8/14-8/18: Arts and Entertainment
Together, campers will explore the basics of theater, film, and television, and the history of entertainment in the American culture. We may visit art galleries, take in a movie, view a documentary, or watch a live band perform.


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